Delivering next-generation standards of comfort for mothers

The PersonalFit™ PLUS pump set for Symphony® has been designed to follow the natural contours of the lactating breast to promote gentle pumping. It has been clinically proven to offer a more comfortable pumping experience, with 100% of mothers positively evaluating its fit in tests.¹ ²

Tested with mothers in clinical trials

A more natural look

The redesigned oval shape of the PersonalFit™ PLUS breast shield helps put mothers at ease, as Dr Danielle Prime, Medela Medical Research Associate, explains: “Mothers have an emotional reaction to the new pump set. They say it looks more comfortable before they have even pumped with it, and then find their experience matches that expectation.”

A more natural fit

Using Medela’s unique database of 3D scans of lactating breasts, researchers identified a 105° breast shield flange angle as the optimal anatomical match. This was verified when the new PersonalFit™ PLUS pump set was tested with mothers:

100% said it fitted well to the breast²

95.5% said it centred well²

And because the new oval breast shield can be rotated 360°, the user can easily change its position to what feels most comfortable for that pumping session.

A more natural feel

Medela aims to make milk expression feel as close to the infant’s natural breastfeeding behaviours as possible. The first clinical trials of PersonalFit™ PLUS revealed that pump-dependent mothers found it gentler and easier to use than the standard pump set.²

83% said expression felt more natural²

95.5% experienced minimal skin rubbing²

100% reported no or minimal skin pressure marks²

They also said that PersonalFit™ PLUS gave a much better experience of ‘nipple suction’ and ‘nipple movement’, reporting a reduction in pulling sensations.²


said it fitted
the breast well²


said expression
felt more natural²


reported no or minimal skin pressure marks²

More relaxed pumping experience and more milk

Comfort and relaxation are vital for effective expression because stress and discomfort can inhibit oxytocin, which is essential for milk release.³ ‘Pleasant’, ‘easy’ and ‘painless’ were the most common adjectives used by the mothers who tested the pump set over five days. None of them said that they felt stressed during pumping.²

The PersonalFit™ PLUS pump set also has integrated overflow protection (also referred to as a closed system), so mothers can use it while sitting back in a relaxed position. This is particularly beneficial if they have had a c-section and/or a difficult delivery.

The new pump set removed 11% more milk after 15 minutes compared to the standard design. There was also a 4% improvement in breast drainage¹ – draining the breast well is a key principle of maintaining milk production.⁴

Only Medela

Since 1996, a research partnership between Medela and The University of Western Australia has generated a wealth of new learnings about breastfeeding and the physiology of milk removal. This has helped Medela develop innovations that improve the experience of pumping mothers: including 2-Phase Expression® technology, a pumping pattern that mimics infant sucking behaviour.